Set Up a New Septic System

Complete a septic system installation in Caldwell, ID or any surrounding area

Need to add a septic system to your residential or commercial property? Eells Excavation, LLC can provide excellent septic system installation services, drawing from years of experience in the Caldwell, ID area.

We will:

  • Go over specifications with you
  • Draft and sign an agreement
  • Order septic system materials
  • Complete your installation project
In addition to septic system installation services, we can provide sewer line, water line and propane system installation services. Call 208-880-1085 now to find out more.

Repair your septic leak

If you notice a funky smell coming from your sink or water standing in your yard, you'll want to arrange for septic system repairs from Eells Excavation. Most leaks occur because of a poorly performed septic system installation or because of a clog. Whatever the issue may be, our team can quickly identify the problem and carry out the proper repairs.

Our pros can cut away invasive roots, unclog pipes, replace broken parts and fix punctured tanks. If we find that your septic tank is beyond repair, we also offer septic system installation services.

Contact us today to arrange for septic system repair services in the Caldwell, ID area.